What always speaks the truth, but doesn't say a word?
→ ɹoɹɹıɯ

don't go NEAR me.

don't go NEAR me.




Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the sudden loss of 'r chief blood [violet mode]

the loss of someone...[breakdown mode]
what should i feel?
I know i supposed to cry
but my head kept tellin' me
why would I?
when years have gone
I used to live without a father in my side
there were no how-are-you's
No...Nothing at all.

I know the death of my father is unpredictive,
no signs at all.

when my father almost loss his breathe, 99% dying...
I just thought if it all flashback to his mind
all his lacks,
failure for his family:
to his son and daughters

being unable to show the role of a father.

" Ano kaya ang mga huling sambit ng kanyang bibig
at huling laman ng kanyang isip."

Not all wounds get healed
If not doctorized by the person
who caused you agony and trouble within,
time take cares of it.

So I hope they won't demand me right away
to forgive and consider asap
it's because he's now dead
I still believe there's the right time
to lighten all the weights inside.

I know my heart and my mind
will gotta find a way
to fix all itself


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